13 Rules for Effective Options Trading


We have tried to focus on general mistakes which Investors do during Derivatives Trading. As it provides leverage, so people do over trading which create huge risk in their portfolio. We also tried to find out the logical solutions for the same which can generate desired returns on very low risk.

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Workshop on Advanced Option Greeks at Dubai


Understanding of Derivatives – Futures and Options occupy very important role in current Financial market. Futures and Options are having almost 85% share of Indian stock Market volume.

This workshop aims to…

  • Comprehensively cover key Derivative concepts, Options basics, Greeks and their applications

  • Empower participants with strategies generating logical returns with low risk

  • Help participants strengthen their knowledge and update themselves with the most recent developments in the area.

  • Understanding of strategies which require very less time to manage.

Key Reasons to join Workshop on Derivatives:

  • Most Comprehensive program in understanding Derivatives, Greeks and Option strategies

  • Helpful for all streams of finance let they be Professionals in field or Students of Finance

  • Must for Investors and Advisors in Derivatives

  • Application-oriented Program Design

  • Learning through real life case discussions and live market decision making

  • Options-Centric Program

  • Workshop conducted by Faculties with extensive corporate and academic experience

  • Lectures delivered in easy to understand language (English + Hindi)

  • Experienced faculties support to resolve your queries.